International Quality Standard for Training Providers

03/06/2017 TVET


International Quality Standard for Training Providers

Everybody knows about ISO 9001, the international standard for assuring the permanent quality of products and services. Worldwide, more than 1 Million companies have the ISO 9001 certification awarded by independent bodies.

Since a few years there is the new international standard ISO 29990, which has been developped especially for training providers and training institutes. It is aiming to improve the quality of learning services and facilitates the comparison on a worldwide basis.

The main objective of this international standard is to provide a generic model for high quality in professional practice and performance, and to provide a common reference model for „learning service providers“ (LSP) and their clients in the design, development and delivery of education, training and development. 

The ISO 29990 encourages the training providers to focus on the learner and the results of the learning process, as well as to emphazise the full range of different available options for delivering learning services, e.g. e-learning and blended learning approaches.

There is a multitude of different training providers or learning service providers offering similar training programmes and courses. However, not all providers are competent and effective. With the ISO 29990 certification the transparency and comparability of various programmes offered by training providers are increased. ISO 29990 is usefull for organisations to impose their consistency in providing quality services and improving organisational effectiveness.

As one of the first providers for technical training in Egypt, the ElSewedy Technical Academy (STA) – a corporate Technical Secondary School - in 10th of Ramadan City ( going to be certified in summer 2017 in order to deliver sustainable and high quality trainings on inter­national level for prospective highly skilled workers and technicians.