About Us

The TVET Portal is a joint initiative of InWEnt - Capacity Building International (now GIZ), the Productivity and Vocational Training Departement (PVTD) from Egypt and the Vocational Training Corporation from Jordan.

It is an interactive user-driven communication platform for professionals and institutions working in the field of TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) to exchange information and to transfer knowledge among individuals and institutions in Arab countries. Due to the growing importance of the use of the internet in TVET and the increasing relevance of updated information in the expanding knowledge societies the portal shall contribute to the improvement of quality in TVET and to support reforms in TVET.

The platform is also meant as a building block for a regional network of TVET institutions and individuals to strengthen the regional cooperation. It is therefore open to any new members committed to quality based and labour market oriented TVET.

It is the direct outcome of training programmes implemented by InWEnt – Capacity Building Internnational, during which professionals from different public and private TVET institutions in Egypt and Jordan have been trained to become E-learning Management specialists.

The portal provides different tools of communication and a collection of relevant links and documents for experts and interested persons in the field of TVET and e-learning. It has a special emphasis on the interface between TVET and e-learning. to promote TVET and to improve the quality of information about TVET and e-learning.


Our mission is to establish a lively community of practice in the fields of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and E-Learning in Arab countries.

In these fields we want to apply new forms of information exchange and knowledge transfer for managers, directors of TVET institutions and for technical teachers and instructors. To support practitioners with relevant information we want to strengthen the demand-oriented information and communication about new developments and existing experiences within the professional fields.

The community aims to support its members in solving their professional problems in daily work and to give relevant answers. As a result of this process the cooperation among countries within the region will be enhanced.

For this purpose we invite all TVET and e-learning professionals in the respective countries to collaborate and to share experiences.